Your Gift can be Redeemed for Finished Artwork

o  The redeemer of the Gift Certificate can use ALL of the Platinum
     Services as if he/she were paying for the service

Great Ways to Use the Finished Art

o  Enlarged Framed Art for the Home or Office

o  Use for Displays at Car Shows

o  Enhanced Retouched Photos for a Car Album

o  Enlarged Art with Text for Posters

o  Business Letter Stock & Logos

o  Low Cost Christmas Cards and Christmas Letter Stock

o  Print on Tee Shirts, Mugs,  etc.

o  Either way YOU get a receipt of the transaction, and a Copy
    of the Certificate by E-mail

o  You choose from two ways to DELIVER the Certificate

-  We can send the GIFT Certificate directly to YOU ... You send
    the Certificate to the recipient YOURSELF

-  We can, alternatively send the GIFT Certificate directly to
    the RECIPIENT with a greeting and personal
    message from YOU

o  The recipient of your GIFT has the fun of Creating his or her
    ART on our website

o  The Gift Certificate has a UNIQUE number which is used to
    ensure that only the recipient can redeem the Certificate

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