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We are retired, and have low overhead.  We simply enjoy creating art by drawing, painting and computer enhancing

How do I get my finished Art ?

We deliver your art directly to you via E-mail.  You download the finished art directly to your computer.

Can I enlarge or reduce the finished Art

Yes.  The quality of an enlargement depends on the pixel count of your camera.  10 Megapixel cameras are OK up to 11 x 17

How can I blow the photo up larger ?

Many cameras can take photos with higher resolution.  Use the higher resolution and less compression to blow up larger

Do You do Printing and Framing

No.  If you want professional printing and framing take the file we provide to Michael’s or other retail framing shops

Cam I get an Artwork design I dont see “

Sure.  Email us with your Ideas, it may cost a little more but we can do most any kind of layout

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How do I decide on a Layout ?

Our Gold and Platinum Services have considerable flexibility for you to be Creative.  Use an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper and make a simple sketch to guide your choices.